4 bold predictions for the Carolina Panthers at Ravens in Week 11

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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers restrict Lamar Jackson to 200 total yards

There’s no denying the problems Lamar Jackson can cause if the Carolina Panthers go into this game unprepared. The quarterback was described as “Houdini in a helmet” by defensive coordinator Al Holcomb this week, which is a fair reflection of his dynamic traits and ability to completely turn any game on its head at a moment’s notice.

Jackson is a special talent. A two-time Pro Bowler, first-team All-Pro, NFL MVP, and the league’s best dual-threat player at the position.

This is a threat the Panthers must counteract somehow. Missing some influential defensive pieces such as Donte Jackson and Matt Ioannidis makes it difficult, so those on the field must make their tackles count and keep the former Louisville stud contained by any means necessary.

That is easier said than done. Jackson is elite at getting out of the pocket and the signal-caller is also more than capable of beating the opposition with his blossoming arm talent – an area that’s been unfairly criticized throughout his career.

The Baltimore Ravens don’t have much pass-catching talent outside of tight end Mark Andrews, which helps. But keeping Jackson under 200 combined yards on the road still represents a substantial challenge they’d do very well to accomplish.