4 biggest disappointments from Panthers loss at the Ravens in Week 11

(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield
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Taylor Moton – Carolina Panthers OT

The strides made across the offensive line in 2022 have been one of the only shining lights from another lost Carolina Panthers season. However, the performance of Taylor Moton in Week 11 was inconsistent at best and something in keeping with the right tackle’s slight regression throughout the campaign.

Moton’s supreme consistency when all around him crumbled was there for all to see since arriving to the Panthers as a second-round selection. Something that deservedly earned the Western Michigan product a lucrative contract extension and captaincy responsibilities thanks to his improved leadership.

It’s worth noting that Moton has been dealing with some injury issues. But his struggles are evident and it was another poor outing at the Baltimore Ravens, who had their way more often than not when rushing this side of the protection.

One could make a strong case that Baker Mayfield was holding onto the football for too long. However, Moton will also be the first to admit his performances haven’t been good enough lately and Carolina can ill afford for the veteran to become a weak link over their remaining games.

Moton has produced enough high-caliber performances in the past for this to be a blip on his overall record. So perhaps it is a health issue holding him back rather than a complete drop-off.

Only time will tell.