4 major observations from Baker Mayfield’s performance at the Ravens

(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Baker Mayfield
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) Baker Mayfield /
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Baker Mayfield
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Lack of confidence in Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield might have been the starter by default after P.J. Walker’s injury. But it was clear from early on that there wasn’t the same confidence in his abilities.

As stated previously, the Carolina Panthers got nothing going on the ground. Although this made things more complicated than they needed to be, the number of wide receiver screens and throws on routes behind the sticks was a clear sign that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo didn’t want to put the game in Mayfield’s hands.

Judging by what happened late in the contest, it’s not hard to see why. Mayfield threw two interceptions when the tempo was raised after the Baltimore Ravens seize command, which will likely justify McAdoo’s decision to keep things conservative where the Heisman Trophy winner is concerned.

There were one or two nice throws to the likes of Terrace Marshall Jr. and D.J. Moore, but any joy Carolina’s offense had was fleeting. Something that failed to capitalize on an exceptional performance from the team’s growing defensive unit.


McAdoo wasn’t the biggest fan of Mayfield during his pre-draft assessment. Time was at a premium for the pair to hit it off before the campaign, but something just isn’t clicking and both could pay with their jobs once the 2022 season concludes.