4 critical observations from the Panthers defeat at Ravens in Week 11

(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks
(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks /
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(Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks /

Carolina Panthers shouldn’t make Steve Wilks head coach

The job Steve Wilks has done with the Carolina Panthers is an admirable one. But he should not be someone David Tepper instills to take this team forward long-term.

Wilks has proven during his time as interim he is a leader of men and has the team fighting tooth and nail for him. One only has to look at the locker room reaction to his first win to see just how the players feel about Wilks.

However, being a good leader is only one of many qualities a head coach must have to be successful.

While Wilks is hamstrung by a below-average offensive coordinator, his conservatism has drawn the ire of fans. The Panthers before today were a 3-7 team, so you’d think Wilks would do as much as possible to give his team the opportunity to score points.

In the second half of Sunday’s matchup, Carolina was tied at 3-3 and had a fourth-and-3 around midfield. Instead of trying to move the chains and get some offensive momentum, Wilks was conservative and punted the ball.

Shortly after – on the Panthers’ next offensive drive – Shi Smith had a vital fumble practically ending the game. This begged the question of why Wilks didn’t go for it earlier when the game was within reach.

For the long term, Wilks would be a great addition to the Panthers’ defensive staff. But the ineptitude of the Panthers’ offense means it’s vital someone capable of reinventing it is appointed head coach.