4 reasons Cam Newton should be Jackson State’s next head coach

(Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images) Cam Newton /
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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton’s familiarity with the HBCU circuit

Cam Newton is a big proponent of HBCUs and has been spotted at the homecomings of both Tennessee State University and Howard University games this season. Something that has drawn all the right headlines for these programs, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

His older brother, Cecil Jr. played center at Tennessee State and his younger brother Caylin played at Howard before following in Newton’s footsteps by transferring to Auburn.

During a YouTube video about his appearance at the Tigers’ homecoming game, the NFL’s all-time leader in rushing touchdowns by a quarterback couldn’t have been more complimentary about HBCU programs, outlining his opinion that they don’t get nearly enough credit compared to some more established colleges with bigger reputations.

"“A lot of people don’t give credit to HBCUs. I remember in the ninth and 10th grade to come see my brother … and to bring my kids; it’s a great family environment. It’s the whole ambiance.”"

With Newton’s excitement and eagerness to bring about more attention to HBCUs, head coaching could very well be in consideration for him in the future. And if Jackson State is looking for a high-profile figure to take over after Deion Sanders’ departure, then giving the former Carolina Panthers icon a call wouldn’t be the worst idea in he world by any stretch of the imagination.

Whether Newton would be receptive to such an opportunity is another matter.