4 reasons Cam Newton should be Jackson State’s next head coach

(Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images) Cam Newton
(Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images) Cam Newton /
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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton inspired the new wave of football

Whether you’re a fan of Cam Newton or not, the bottom line is he changed the game in many ways and ushered in a new era of quarterback at all levels during his phenomenal spell with the Carolina Panthers. Teams now look for players who have the signal-caller’s unique ability to torch secondaries through the air and break down front sevens on the ground.

More specifically, he has helped mentor young black quarterbacks such as Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts throughout their time in college and as the future of the NFL. Something that could easily make a successful transition into the coaching ranks.

Hurts has made no secret about the influence Newton’s had on his career. And there’s a good chance that the former Oklahoma standout achieves similar feats this season with a potential NFL MVP on the horizon.

"“He was a mentor for me, for sure throughout a point in time. I finally got to meet him in person. So that was fun. We just talked about ball, man. We talked about different situations that may come up in a day, being at new turning points in our careers, him being with the Patriots and me with the Eagles. The list goes on and on, but Cam Newton is up there as well as a guy that paved the way and changed how Black quarterbacks are looked at.”"

It’s obvious that Newton is an icon in black sports culture, so bringing that gravitas to the HBCU level could further continue the work that Deion Sanders originally set out to do. There’s just no telling the impact his gravitas would have on player development and coaching if Jackson State came calling, however unlikely that might be.

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