4 Panthers who can help end 2022 season on a high at the Saints

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Brian Burns – Carolina Panthers DE

Brian Burns has quietly had his breakout season for the Carolina Panthers and it couldn’t have come at a better time with a bumper new contract set to be discussed this offseason.

Burns currently sits at 12.5 sacks, just 2.5 away from tying Carolina’s single-season sack record. So even though pride is all the Panthers are playing for in Week 18, the former Florida State star will have this in his sights.

The Panthers’ single-season sack record is currently shared between Greg Hardy and Kevin Greene. While a 2.5 sack game is a monstrous performance and the odds that Burns can accomplish it are relatively low, the possibility is there.

If it were to happen in any season it would be this one with how utterly unpredictable everything has become.

The asterisk of a 17-game season would always be attached to this. But who cares about that at this point?

We need something to celebrate, something to get excited about. What could be better than a player we’ve watched blossom finally reach highs we always hoped were possible?

And it would get Burns a pretty big payday to boot. So the player will be going all out to take over this game considering the immense incentives from a personal perspective.