4 emerging head coaches the Carolina Panthers could target in 2023

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper /
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Which head coaching candidates are emerging as potential targets for the Carolina Panthers once the 2023 offseason begins?

With the Carolina Panthers now in the process of putting together a concise plan of action ahead of the 2023 season, speculation is mounting across the board. From personnel decisions, player movement, and a potential franchise quarterback coming into the fold, it promises to be an immensely intriguing few months for everyone associated with the club.

The first order of business is a new head coach. Matt Rhule’s disastrous time at the helm was turned around by interim Steve Wilks, who deserves praise for resetting the culture and restoring pride across the franchise since his well-deserved promotion.

What the future holds for Wilks remains unclear. Team owner David Tepper cannot be anything other than impressed by how things have unfolded, but the temptation to look elsewhere is evident and because of the Rooney Rule, necessary,

Things should move quickly once the regular-season and wildcard rounds conclude. Here are four emerging head coaching candidates the Panthers could target in the coming weeks.

Candidate No. 1

Carolina Panthers
(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) Steve Wilks /

Carolina Panthers could retain Steve Wilks

Although losing at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was extremely disappointing, Steve Wilks still deserves strong consideration for the job. It’s hard to put into words the mess he inherited after replacing Matt Rhule, which installed a sense of purpose and belief that wasn’t there under the new Nebraska head coach.

Wilks has everyone in the locker room on board, that’s for sure. He’ll get an interview at the very least, but the ultimate decision lies with the unpredictable Carolina Panthers owner, who could go in a completely different direction when push comes to shove.

This would be harsh on Wilks given the hand he was dealt. But the only opinion that matters is David Tepper’s at the end of the day.