Debunking Colin Cowherd’s latest cold take on the Carolina Panthers

(Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports) Colin Cowherd
(Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports) Colin Cowherd /

FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd’s latest cold take on the Carolina Panthers as an attractive destination couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Ahead of David Tepper‘s pivotal meeting with Sean Payton on Friday, FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd claimed the coveted coach was inching closer to joining the Denver Broncos. The Herd host had dinner with the former Super Bowl winner in the immediate aftermath of his interview with the AFC outfit and revealed there is a mutual interest from all sides to get a deal done.

Cowherd also stated that quarterback Russell Wilson contacted Payton personally in an attempt to convince him. But if Tepper feels like it’s the right thing to do, he’ll go all out in pursuit based on previous history.

The Carolina Panthers have other options that won’t cost substantial draft capital. They also have Steve Wilks, the interim who restored respectability, pride, and belief across the franchise after replacing Matt Rhule.

Colin Cowherd disrespected the Carolina Panthers yet again

Only time will tell in that regard. But Cowherd’s comments about players and coaches “getting lost in Carolina” were asinine and disrespectful in equal measure.

The big market allure cannot be ignored. And the NFL is always better when storied franchises are in contention.

However, to say the Panthers are practically a place where players and coaches go to die is an abomination upon further examination.

Let’s start with Cowherd’s co-worker Greg Olsen, who spent nine years on the Panthers and earned three Pro Bowl selections before becoming FOX Sports’ lead analyst – a role in which he’s currently thriving.

Seems weird considering he went somewhere so irrelevant.

Does anyone remember Steve Smith? Carolina’s legendary wideout that’s now a respected analyst himself with the NFL Network. Again, very strange if Cowherd’s comments are to be taken as gospel.

How about Cam Newton? The quarterback became the face of the NFL in the mid-2010s during a memorable run that almost ended with Carolina securing an elusive first Super Bowl.

The former Auburn standout remains one of the hottest media subjects despite not playing in 2022. When he talks, headlines follow – so regardless of whether he comes back or not, a flourishing life beyond football awaits in whatever capacity he wants.

The same goes for Baker Mayfield. To a lesser extent.

Now we go to coaches. Ron Rivera couldn’t have been that irrelevant if he got another head coaching job immediately after being fired by Tepper – with a big market in Washington, no less.

Sean McDermott got the Buffalo Bills head coaching job after – you guessed it – earning his reputation as Panthers defensive coordinator. Not to mention a large number of front-office figures and ex-players that also brought the AFC juggernauts back to prominence.

One could even use Rhule himself as an example. Despite a constant stream of flawed moves, inept NFL coaching, and bizarre press conferences, the beleaguered figure landed on his feet by becoming head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers rather than fading away entirely.

Simply put, the list is literally endless.

Cowherd makes these outlandish statements all the time. If people keep watching, he’ll maintain the same energy.

What this means for Payton’s future remains to be seen. But it wasn’t exactly hard to debunk his latest freezing-cold take where Carolina is concerned.

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