4 factors that make Carolina Panthers 2023 offseason the most important

(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper
(Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper /
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Some monumental decisions await the Carolina Panthers this offseason, which could be the most important in franchise history. 

When you’re talking about defining moments in history, this often refers to events that have already happened. That’s the beauty of hindsight – it contextualizes the gravity of moments passed. But you can also sense when the stakes are high in real-time and embrace the weight of the situation, as you embark upon a most critical journey.

That’s how I would describe the 2023 off-season for the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers enjoyed a mini resurgence during the final dozen games, but the key word there is mini. They “surged” to a .500 win/loss rate under the interim regime. The fact remains, there are more questions than answers about this football team and the franchise overall.

Although it assuredly will take longer for the answers to fully materialize, the foundation for Carolina’s future will be laid in these next six or seven months leading up to the 2023 campaign.

With all the chips pushed to the center of the table, how will this franchise answer the call?

Will owner David Tepper use his revered business acumen and solid gold dump trucks full of money for the good of the team, finally?

Will the front office make the right decisions regarding the coaching staff and player transactions, no matter how difficult they might be?

Will the fans support the team even if the decisions made don’t align with their personal beliefs and preferences?

Let’s take a look at some factors that indicate this offseason is the most important in Carolina’s history spanning almost three decades.