5 major letdowns from the Carolina Panthers 2022 season

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Baker Mayfield /
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The 2022 season is mercifully over, but what were the biggest letdowns from another lost campaign for the Carolina Panthers?

Even with some late-season fireworks, the Carolina Panthers once again fell short of the mark in 2022. Thus an end comes to another lost year.

This season had countless ups and downs, more down than up to be fair. But there is still some hope for the future with a high pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and a new face, or possibly a familiar one, leading the charge in 2023.

Yet, the Panthers have issues, there is no getting around that. Cornerback is an absolute mess after injuries once again derailed the room and left the futures of Donte Jackson and even Jaycee Horn in limbo.

Linebacker help is needed since yet another experiment up the middle failed to meet expectations. And the positional elephant in the room – a franchise quarterback – still sits vacant.

It seems like for every answer we get as fans there are three more questions that pop up in its place. That trend must end this offseason if the organization houses any aspirations of a championship in the near future.

However, with all of that said, this was still an incredibly disappointing campaign. That’s saying something coming off a year where the team started 3-0 and then completely imploded.

Although, looking past the team as a whole for a second shines the light on a few key pieces that simply did not pull the weight that the team, or the fanbase for that matter, hoped and needed them to. With this in mind, here are five major letdowns from Carolina’s 2022 season.