3 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers extending Sam Darnold in 2023

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Sam Darnold
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Sam Darnold could be a steady bridge

Whatever direction the Carolina Panthers take at the quarterback position, the NFL has proven time and time again that it is not a league built to teach. It is a league built to destroy the development of young players thrust into roles they aren’t ready for.

What any young player needs, no matter the position, is someone to sit behind and learn from. Even if it is only for a season, that year without the pressure to win, that time to just learn how to be an NFL player from someone who has been there and lived through the grind is priceless.

That is a role that Sam Darnold fits into perfectly.

Darnold won’t win this team a Super Bowl, it just won’t happen. However, the former USC star might just be the perfect mentor, and eventual backup, to whomever the Panthers bring in to lead them into the future. A steady hand that can bridge the gap from the current iteration.

The Panthers need to learn from their mistakes and stop trying to rush a process that will take some time. No matter what the financials say or how loud the fans may get with their cries to see what Matt Corral or whoever else the team brings in can do.

If nothing else, Darnold can steady the ship and allow things to finally settle some for the Panthers heading into a crucial offseason that will shape the future of the franchise. This would also provide additional time to make a measured decision on where to go next.

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