4 unknown quantities ahead of Carolina Panthers 2023 offseason

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(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) David Tepper /
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Carolina Panthers’ balance of power

Matt Rhule’s full power when it came to roster control was well documented. Something that caused nothing but misery for the Carolina Panthers during his abysmal three years as head coach.

While general manager Scott Fitterer and others were part of the thought process, Rhule had the final say. This approach should not be in Carolina’s train of thought under Frank Reich.

The head coach will have a leading voice, one suspects. But it’s hard to gauge just what the true balance of power could look like during the 2023 offseason.

Fitterer’s influence should grow, which will likely define his tenure. Dan Morgan and Samir Suleiman are also prominent figures with blossoming reputations that can be put to good use.

There is one obvious wildcard that means things could go either way.

That, of course, is team owner David Tepper.

The billionaire is renowned for meddling in football matters for good or bad. But after little success or even a winning season under his ownership, it might be worth Tepper taking more of a backseat and trusting those with proven NFL credentials to lead the way.

In truth, Carolina adopting a collective approach is the best option. However, it’s hard to say with any confidence given Tepper’s unpredictability.