5 major observations from Frank Reich’s first Carolina Panthers presser

(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images) Frank Reich
(Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images) Frank Reich /
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Carolina Panthers must come together for success

It didn’t take long for Frank Reich to install his theory of what makes a successful NFL franchise. And it’s not just down to the head coach.

When discussing the four pillars behind thriving organizations, Reich was clear in his thoughts.

  • Ownership
  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Fans

Everyone feeding off one another. Everyone working in cohesion to achieve a common goal.

While this might sound cliche, it’s something that’s been missing from Carolina Panthers football for an age. Only when Steve Wilks came in as interim head coach did things finally start progressing in a similar manner.

Reich will work hard to ensure that each pillar sings from the same hymn sheet. A collective, thought-out process based on solid business acumen with a view to building a legitimate Super Bowl contender at long last.

Sounds easy, in theory. However, one cannot ignore the rash decisions made by David Tepper since he purchased the team from Jerry Richardson, which could complicate matters unless a change of direction occurs from the billionaire’s point of view.

It’s an interesting dynamic. One that can hopefully bear fruit as the Panthers look to emerge from obscurity into relevancy with Reich leading the charge.