Last Chance! Bet $5, Win $200 if ONE TD is Scored in Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is here and over $1 billion is expected to be wagered on it this year.

Rather than use my own money to bet on the big game, however, I’m going to take advantage of the best Super Bowl promo out there: Bet $5, win $200 in bet credits GUARANTEED! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose your first bet. As long as you follow these instructions, that $200 is yours.

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As long as you use the link above and follow those instructions, that’s it. As soon as your first bet settles, again, win or lose, you’ll get $200 in bets right into your account.

I’d recommended signing up now. The DraftKings promo is about to end AND if you sign up now you’ll have the $200 well in advance of the Super Bowl, thus allowing you to bet on Eagles vs Chiefs without needing to use your own money. Just one person’s opinion.

Up to you have you want to play it, but getting $200 in free bets for the Super Bowl is a pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

Sign up for DraftKings now and use their money to make you more money on the Super Bowl.