4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat heading into 2023 offseason

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Scott Fitterer – Carolina Panthers GM

While Matt Rhule carried the can for some substantial failings, Scott Fitterer has gone under the radar without much blame aimed in his direction. The former head coach had the final say on roster decisions, but the general manager was far from an innocent bystander considering his influence in the decision-making process.

That is all in the past. David Tepper is moving forward with a more traditional approach of Fitterer handling personnel and Frank Reich focusing on the coaching aspect while lending his opinion to recruitment.

This could be a massive positive considering how toxic things became under Rhule. But make no mistake, this offseason will define Fitterer’s tenure with the Panthers for good or bad.

Fitterer’s never had the final say in Carolina or during his time with the Seattle Seahawks. He might be fully capable of making the moves needed, but there is just no telling for sure until fans see it for themselves.

It’s the opportunity Fitterer has been waiting for. The chance to mold the roster the way he sees fit and to finally select a top quarterback prospect with a view to building around a rookie contract.

Again, there is optimism Fitterer and others such as Dan Morgan can make sound decisions. If they cannot, then Tepper might look for someone who can in 2024.

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