4 lively outsiders to be the Carolina Panthers first-round pick in 2023

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(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) Anthony Richardson /
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers could draft Bryce Young

  • Quarterback | Alabama Crimson Tide

Looking at the current Carolina Panthers roster, all signs point to taking a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. And after a sensational college career, Bryce Young might be the best of the bunch.

So why is he a lively outsider to be Carolina’s pick?

This is all down to draft standing. The Panthers are currently sitting at No. 9 overall with multiple teams ahead of them also set to examine the incoming college signal-callers closely, so trading up is the only way they can land the former Alabama standout.

While Scott Fitterer stated that the Panthers would “go and get their guy” if they were 100 percent convinced in someone like Young. However, there are some significant hurdles in place before this comes close to becoming a reality.

The compensation involved will be substantial. Others ahead of Carolina might also be contemplating the same and won’t need to pay nearly as much.

Would the Chicago Bears or Arizona Cardinals be willing to move down all the way to No. 9 from the top three? And with this, miss out on the chance to draft Will Anderson Jr. or Jalen Carter – the consensus two best prospects entering the NFL in 2023.

There are too many unknowns to make acquiring Young a sure thing. Even if he could be the player that finally gets the Panthers out of their ongoing flux.