Panthers trade for Lamar Jackson: Packages, comparisons and is he worth it?

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Carolina Panthers trade package for Lamar Jackson

If the Carolina Panthers moved forward with an audacious trade bid for Lamar Jackson, the cost will be severe. And there’s just no telling how any call will be received by the Baltimore Ravens who won’t want to lose their franchise player no matter the compensation.

Certainly, the No. 9 and No. 39 overall selections would need to be traded for starters. It is hard to imagine a trade without an additional two first-round picks as well as some mid-rounders to further sweeten the pot.

A potential package for Jackson would look something like this.

That is quite a haul of draft picks that Carolina would lose. In return, they attain an MVP-level quarterback when he’s healthy.

Staying away from injuries was an area of concern for Jackson in 2022. He missed six games in total, including Baltimore’s soul-crushing defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals in the playoff wildcard round.

A game where if Jackson was available to play, the Ravens would have likely won.

Nevertheless, the former Lousiville Cardinal is a bonafide superstar. But he is due for a hefty contract extension, which would result in a significant salary-cap cap crunch for the Panthers.

Something that will likely lose them at least one, if not multiple key players. Including the likes of Frankie Luvu, Brian Burns, and Derrick Brown. All of them are integral figures in need of big paydays sooner rather than later.

The NFL is a risk-reward league, especially when acquiring a quarterback. But the question remains, is a trade for Jackson worth it?