3 hypothetical Carolina Panthers trades to land Lamar Jackson

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Carolina Panthers trade package No. 1

This trade package is ignoring the Carolina Panthers cap situation. It would take some significant cuts and restructures to fit Lamar Jackson under the financial figure allocated by the NFL in 2024.

Jackson is going to be given a historic deal with the Baltimore Ravens or somewhere else. And there are reports his current employers are some way off from meeting his demands.

Carolina would have to give Jackson a guaranteed deal that improves upon Deshaun Watson’s this past off-season. They might also have to backload it to avoid jeopardizing other positional groups.

To land Jackson it seems likely a team is going to have to be willing to part ways with three first rounders and at least 2-3 additional pieces. Whether that is picks or impact players.

Baltimore has a great defense and solid run game that is set up to win now. So the last thing they need is complications at the quarterback spot.

If they move off Jackson, the Ravens will make the deal only if it is an overpay that sets them up to make high impact moves over the next two years. Carolina parts ways with a top ten pick in this year’s draft as well as their second round pick in 2024, together with a third and fourth the following season.

It is a high price to pay for the Panthers. But if they make this move, it instantly pus them among the leading contenders.

The move might be painful. However, Carolina has watched what life is like without a top quarterback and that would quickly change if Jackson came into the fold.