4 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers trading for Lamar Jackson

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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers become an instant contender

Everything is seemingly in place for the Carolina Panthers to make significant strides next season. Frank Reich is putting together an exceptional coaching staff and the roster is stacked with young talent capable of major the necessary adjustments ahead of the 2023 campaign.

The biggest thing missing is a productive quarterback. Someone that can take over games by the scruff of the neck and will the Panthers to victory on any given occasion.

Relying on a rookie to accomplish this is a gamble. One that could go either way and especially if the Panthers throw someone into the mix before they are truly ready.

Trading for Lamar Jackson is a different story. This would instantly make the Panthers a contender and also turn them into an attractive free-agent destination for any veterans looking to get their hands on a ring.

Sure, the cost is steep and the contract will be eye-watering. But it’s a small price to pay if Jackson ends up becoming the missing piece to Carolina’s playoff puzzle.

The Panthers haven’t been relevant since Cam Newton was at the peak of his powers. Trading for Jackson changes all that in an instant and that’s why it wouldn’t be a complete shock to see Carolina throw its hat into the ring.