4 key questions the Panthers must answer ahead of 2023 free agency

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Scott Fitterer
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Scott Fitterer /
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How will Carolina Panthers approach the QB spot?

Obviously, the biggest question mark surrounding the Carolina Panthers this offseason is how to improve production at the quarterback position. A task that proved too challenging for Matt Rhule, who was unable to properly evaluate or develop anyone manning the plate over his disastrous three-year reign.

That shouldn’t be a problem for Frank Reich, who has proven credentials in this area having played the position himself. He’s also gained an impressive reputation for doing more with less, even though his time with the Indianapolis Colts ended on a sour note.

Reich will have plenty of input. But general manager Scott Fitterer’s preference for drafting a developing around a rookie deal seems the most likely outcome all things considered.

In this eventuality, finding a veteran capable of steadying the ship until any college recruit is ready should be considered. That might be Sam Darnold, but someone like Jacoby Brissett is set to enter free agency and is already familiar with Reich’s demands.

It’s a decision the Panthers simply cannot afford to get wrong. Fans have grown weary of no consistency at football’s most important position, so any further rash moves are unlikely to be well received.