3 primary wishes for the Carolina Panthers 2023 offseason

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Myles Murphy
(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Myles Murphy /
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What primary wishes should Carolina Panthers fans have for their team during a hugely important 2023 season for the franchise?

I am blessed to have made it to 25 years of life!

When it comes to life, I am officially halfway through my twenties. And even though I have experienced two Super Bowl runs from the Carolina Panthers, I have yet to witness them win on the grandest stage of all.

Fortunately for the Panthers, the work starts right now in the offseason. It’s also worth remembering that the NFC South is wide open for Frank Reich and company to take.

It’s been an outstanding start from Reich, who is molding the best coaching staff in franchise history. Of course, finding the right players is another big task for the front office before OTAs, but hopes are high that this can be accomplished now that Matt Rhule’s incompetence is no longer complicating matters.

This is a time for optimism at last. Something that every Panthers fan has been craving after so much underachievement and no substance behind Rhule’s bold claims throughout his tenure.

And who knows, maybe the odd prayer or two will come off when competitive action begins once again.

With this in mind, here are three wishes that I hope come true during the 2023 off-season. These would unequivocally put the Panthers in a better position to win a Super Bowl.