4 major observations from Thomas Brown’s first Panthers presser

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Establishing a new Carolina Panthers identity

It’s clear that the overall philosophy surrounding the Carolina Panthers on offense is going to alter significantly under the new regime. Something that’s sorely needed after years of constant underachievement.

Steve Wilks and Ben McAdoo did the best with what they had in difficult circumstances. But it became a little too predictable when the running game failed to establish itself early in games and wasn’t enough for the team to clinch a shock NFC South divisional title.

Thomas Brown set out his stall in terms of how he wanted to adapt the offensive structure working alongside Frank Reich and other coaches. This all starts with physicality, utilizing his primary playmakers in a productive manner and everyone knowing their assignments at all times.

Providing the Panthers get the quarterback position nailed by any means necessary, there’s nothing to suggest significant improvements aren’t in the team’s immediate future. Brown’s ethos will be a refreshing change of pace and with other respected figures also leading the charge, it would be a huge shock if Carolina failed to put up better numbers in 2023.

Brown has the necessary coaching experience and is a forward-thinker. Considering he could be calling plays at some stage during the campaign, it only whets the appetite further when it’s time for Carolina to cross the white lines in a competitive setting.