4 realistic goals for Panthers GM Scott Fitterer in 2023 free agency

(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Scott Fitterer
(Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports) Scott Fitterer /
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What are some realistic goals for Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer during his first free agency calling the shots in 2023?

Now that Matt Rhule is no longer holding the Carolina Panthers back, general manager Scott Fitterer finally gets the chance to become the primary influencer behind personnel matters. There will be plenty of input from others, but there’s no doubt who’ll get the final say as part of the team’s newfound approach.

This is a more traditional method for success throughout NFL history. Fitterer remains a respected front office figure despite being complicit in Rhule’s failings, so this is his chance to emerge from the shadows and become a true leader behind the scenes.

Fitterer has the trust of David Tepper and is currently developing a working relationship with Frank Reich. But there is no time to rest as important recruitment dates are fast approaching.

With this in mind, here are four realistic goals Fitterer can attain during free agency in 2023.

Realistic Goal No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers’ compromise with Shaq Thompson

One of the more pressing priorities for general manager Scott Fitterer this offseason is deciding what the future holds for Shaq Thompson. His cap hit needs to come down – there’s no getting away from that – it’s how the Carolina Panthers do this that remains the biggest talking point.

Cutting Thompson if a compromise cannot be reached is realistic. But the Panthers could use his veteran savvy and this might lead to a two or three-year deal that gets backloaded to provide financial flexibility.