3 trade offers for the Carolina Panthers to land Jalen Ramsey

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Carolina Panthers trade offer No. 1

This trade package is the simplest of the three. A straight swap of the No. 39 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft for Jalen Ramsey.

The Los Angeles Rams will not get a better offer than this one. An early second-round pick in 2023 is probably the best they can obtain.

Even though Ramsey’s demands for a new contract are warranted and deserved, there is not a single NFL team that will depart with a first-round pick for a 28-year-old cornerback who will be making more than $20 million over the next few seasons.

The Rams need more draft capital badly after selling multiple first-round picks to chase their Super Bowl ring. This hypothetical trade is a good start for them to begin a mini-rebuild this off-season.

They control eight draft picks this spring, but only two of them are before the sixth round of the draft. Los Angeles does not own a first-round pick.

Adding the No. 39 overall selection to pair with their No. 36 allows the Rams’ front office to make a trade to select higher in the draft if they so desire. On the flip side, the Panthers would still have a second-round pick at No. 61 via the Christian McCaffrey deal made before the deadline.

Giving up this pick does hurt their draft. But in this scenario, it would be worth the risk because the player drafted No. 39 overall will likely not have the same impact that Ramsey would for the Carolina Panthers next season.