3 trade offers for the Carolina Panthers to land Jalen Ramsey

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Carolina Panthers trade offer No. 2

This trade package includes multiple picks going the Los Angeles Rams’ way. But the Carolina Panthers hold onto the No. 39 overall selection and that is a huge positive.

Los Angeles may value adding a selection in the mid-round area of the draft because they do not hold any in either the fourth or fifth round this year. But they will still demand at least a Day 2 draft pick in any Jalen Ramsey trade.

The solution is a swap of their selection at No. 237 overall for No. 132. However, this is at the cost of getting the worse of Carolina’s two second-round picks.

If the Rams want this kind of package for Ramsey, then the Panthers will be happy. Carolina would own all of their picks for the first five rounds of the draft, and they would still have seven selections overall to bolster problem positions and perhaps even land a franchise quarterback.

All of this without sacrificing either of their top two selections. The Panthers can use both on prospects that will positively impact the team in their rookie season.

Adding Ramsey comes with risk – most notably from a financial standpoint with the Florida State product creeping up to 30 years old. But if those in power are serious about winning during the first season under Frank Reich, they will no doubt explore the possibility.