3 reasons the Carolina Panthers won’t trade for Aaron Rodgers in 2023

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Carolina Panthers cannot afford Aaron Rodgers

Regardless of whether Aaron Rodgers can turn the Carolina Panthers into a Super Bowl challenger, there are other critical elements to consider that make this almost impossible. Mainly, it centers on potential draft compensation and the financial aspect.

Rodgers might be heading into his career twilight, but the Green Bay Packers are going to want maximum return for a player that’s a sure-fire Pro Football Hall of Famer one day. This would likely include a first-round selection and more if a bidding war is instigated.

Not only this, Rodgers is still owed astronomical sums on his contract, which doesn’t expire until 2027. If the Panthers or anyone else trades for the player, it’s going to severely hinder their chances of acquiring free agents and keeping some of their top stars around.

This just makes no sense. Even if the Panthers are probably just investigating all avenues to keep everyone guessing.

It’s almost like the Panthers are trying too hard to convince people they aren’t drafting a quarterback. Something that’s cheaper and far more realistic than acquiring Derek Carr or Rodgers – two veterans that would take up a substantial amount of salary-cap space.

Nobody knows what Rodgers is thinking, either. A project like Carolina with little hope of winning a Super Bowl next season might not exactly be what he’s looking for.

And that’s absolutely fine.