4 major observations from the Panthers bombshell move to No. 1 pick

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Scott Fitterer
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Scott Fitterer /
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers giving nothing away

Even though the Carolina Panthers are going to take a quarterback, influential figures within the organization were giving absolutely nothing away when discussing which prospect could come into the fold.

Frank Reich’s comments via Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated dictated as much. The head coach kept the cards close to his chest, refusing to rule out any of the top four quarterbacks at this juncture before further evaluations take place.

"“Excited about this group of young QBs. We think they all have strengths that make them unique and worthy of #1 pick. We have a little over a month to confirm which is the right one for our team.”"

Looking at all available options is the correct move. Not giving too much away early in the process makes things more difficult for those behind them, with panic now setting in for the others in the top 10 looking for their own franchise prospect under center.

The Panthers are in a fantastic position for any rookie quarterback. Reich, Jim Caldwell, Josh McCown, and Thomas Brown represent exceptional coaches capable of nurturing talent effectively, which made this move all the more intriguing despite Carolina giving up their best pass-catching weapon along the way.

Wide receivers are much easier to find than elite quarterbacks. Something that forced the Panthers’ hand as they jumped the queue.