5 pros and cons of the Carolina Panthers trade for No.1 overall pick

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) Frank Reich
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) Frank Reich /
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Carolina Panthers’ trail of accountability is well defined

Frank Reich and Scott Fitterer just hitched their fates to this Bobby Axlerod-esque power move up to No. 1 overall. The audacity of this comes with a bult-in accountability. An accountability I, and hopefully all other Carolina Panthers fans, welcome with open arms.

The last head coach for the Panthers would wax poetically about four, five, and even seven-year plans to bring this team from the realm of constant sorrow into the warm, sunny lands mediocrity. Unfortunately, the plethora of differing approaches to staff and roster building allowed a fair amount of grey area that made it difficult to pinpoint the fatal mistakes and who was responsible for them.

This situation is cut and dry.

When the Panthers make their quarterback selection, this coaching regime and Fitterer will be able to measure their job security directly to performance results. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m sold on the move.

I find it hard to believe that such a highly regarded quarterback mind like Reich would put his professional perception and future résumé on the line for anything less than an elite opportunity. Especially after the sour conclusion to his time with the Indianapolis Colts.

This move wasn’t a required one. Had they traded up to No. 3 overall, for argument’s sake, there could be the juxtaposition that they didn’t secure the player they coveted the most and therefore had to settle for the next best option.

Staying at No. 9 overall, it was plausible the Panthers wouldn’t even have the option of one of the top-four prospects.

Holding the keys to the castle now, the coaches and front office will also be stuck holding the bill when the time comes to evaluate whether the move was successful.

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