3 ambitious goals for Carolina Panthers CB Jaycee Horn in 2023

Jaycee Horn
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Jaycee Horn becomes Carolina Panthers next All-Pro

The 2021 NFL Draft has already seen an All-Pro cornerback emerge in the form of Patrick Surtain II, who was taken one spot after Jaycee Horn by the Denver Broncos at No. 9 overall. But in terms of talent, there isn't much separating the duo when one factors everything into the equation.

One thing has made a difference to the pair during their respective NFL journeys so far. That, of course, is the ability - or lack thereof - to stay healthy for a prolonged period.

Surtain's missed one game compared to Horn's 18, which tells its own story. So to state again, one cannot put into words how important it is for Horn to stay on the field and become a focal point for the Carolina Panthers during their opening season under Frank Reich.

It's been a while since the Panthers had a genuine All-Pro player in their ranks. They have a few young studs with the potential to reach this pinnacle, with Horn up there among the list of possibilities given the exceptional athletic attributes at his disposal.

If Horn plays the large majority of games and performs as everyone expects, then he'll be cemented among the elite NFL cornerbacks. More importantly, he'll be under serious consideration for an All-Pro nod as his fifth-year option looms large.