3 assistants Dave Canales could steal for his Carolina Panthers staff

The head coach is in place. Now, attention turns to his staff.

Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers could steal Brad Idzik

This one looks to be the most obvious after factoring everything into the equation.

Dave Canales and Brad Idzik are closely associated. The pair worked together closely during their successful stint with the Seattle Seahawks. When the new Carolina Panthers head coach got the offensive coordinator position in Tampa Bay, it wasn't long before the other aforementioned staff member also made the trip down south.

Idzik specializes in wide receiver growth, something he's done with great effect throughout his NFL coaching career. He's drawn praise for his work to progress the likes of Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, Mke Evans, and Chris Godwin in recent years. While some of those were already prolific performers, the coach's methods have assisted in taking their respective contributions to new heights.

With Canales confirmed as Carolina's play-caller moving forward, bringing Idzik along as his offensive coordinator would allow him to be part of the game-day planning from week to week. He'd also play a significant role in the development of the Panthers' skill positions, which were underwhelming at best in 2023.

This makes too much sense, in all honesty. It also represents a natural progression for Idzik into a coordinator position. Having someone in the building aside from Dan Morgan who knows how Canales likes to operate is only going to mean good things in the short and long term.