3 assistants Dave Canales could steal for his Carolina Panthers staff

The head coach is in place. Now, attention turns to his staff.

Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers could steal Sanjay Lal

It looked for a long time as if Sanjay Lal might be joining Shane Waldron on the Chicago Bears. The Seattle Seahawks passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach interviewed with the NFC North team recently. But a recent report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN revealed that the impressive coach has officially withdrawn interest.

This set the rumor mill ablaze. Could it be a coincidence that Lal distancing himself from the Bears came almost immediately after Dave Canales - someone he's worked with before - became Carolina Panthers head coach? Could it mean a quick call was made between the two in pursuit of tempting him away from his intended destination?

Time will tell on that front. But make no mistake, Lal would be a tremendous addition to Carolina's coaching staff if Canales could pull it off.

Lal is vastly experienced when it comes to offensive strategies and wide receiver development. He's worked with some of the league's best with prestigious teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Indianapolis Colts, achieving great success almost everywhere.

This might have to be in the offensive coordinator position to convince Lal to take the plunge, While that could be complicated if Brad Idzik is after a similar role, Canales' silver tongue could be enough to convince both to join the Panthers as part of his ambitious plans to get this once-proud organization off its knees and into contention.