3 attainable Carolina Panthers objectives during the 2023 NFL Draft

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Carolina Panthers must choose the right QB

This is the biggest objective of them all. And even though it seemed like a pipedream from No. 9 overall, that isn't the case anymore.

Scott Fitterer was aggressive and struck with conviction to land the No. 1 overall selection. It came at a cost, but if this move finally gets the Carolina Panthers the franchise quarterback they've desired for almost four years, the compensation is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Finding the correct signal caller is the tricky part of this equation. There is unlikely to be a consensus opinion within the war room currently, but head coach Frank Reich has already stated there would be a collaborative approach and he won't pull rank like the other guy.

The decision will come down to Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud, even though Anthony Richardson's elite athletic traits are also under consideration. There doesn't appear to be a wrong answer between the two, so it is merely a case of which one those in power feel can do the best job and fit into their ambitious project.

Fitterer and his staff have done a nice job of putting everything in place for their new quarterback. The Panthers acquired some dependable weapons in free agency to offset the loss of D.J. Moore, with Miles Sanders' presence in the backfield also set to benefit them enormously.

Carolina has trusted football men making the call, which provides more confidence than at any stage during the Matt Rhule era. If they hit on this pick, then there's just no telling what this team can accomplish.

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