3 best value salary-cap hits on the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Bradley Bozeman
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Bradley Bozeman - Carolina Panthers C

  • 2023 salary-cap hit: $2.72 million

There was a quiet sense of nervousness when Bradley Bozeman reached the legal tampering period without a new deal from the Carolina Panthers. The veteran center made a significant impression both on and off the field during his first campaign in Charlotte, which propelled him to fan-favorite status instantly and seemingly made keeping him around an easy call for those on the outside looking in.

Thankfully, this was also an opinion shared by the new power structure in Carolina. Contract negotiations are always complex, but the Panthers and Bozeman's representatives reach an agreement regarding his three-year, $18 million extension that came with a $4.92 million signing bonus and $10 million guaranteed.

This was met with jubilation among the fanbase and gives the Panthers a stable long-time option at the position for the first time since Ryan Kalil retired. Bozeman's already gone about forming communication chemistry with No. 1 pick and fellow Alabama alum Bryce Young, with his sterling work across the community also blossoming during the offseason.

As it turns out, Bozeman's salary cap hit for the 2023 campaign stands at $2.72 million. It rises to $7.64 million over the last two years of his deal, but one could argue that even that financial figure represents tremendous value for a consistent performer entering his prime.

If Bozeman enhances his production and others on the offensive line live up to their end of the bargain, it could be the spark that ignites Young to a phenomenal rookie campaign. Something that could perhaps even get the Panthers into the playoffs.