3 biggest tests for Bryce Young on Carolina Panthers 2023 schedule

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Carolina Panthers vs. Texans - Week 8

It’s no secret that Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are good friends. Their first matchup as pros will be a sight to see in Week 8 at Bank of America Stadium.

College football fans have been treated to marvelous performances from both during their days at Alabama and Ohio State. But unfortunately, they never got the chance to see two future superstars face off against one another.

In years past, the top two quarterbacks in each draft class were compared to each other and followed throughout the course of their careers. Think Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, and so on.

The race to become the Carolina Panthers' No. 1 overall selection between Young and Stroud was as tight as it's ever been. Therefore, these two gunslingers will be compared every step of the way.

Stroud will most likely be the starter on Day 1 for Houston, considering he has already reportedly made roster demands by asking the team to draft Tank Dell. Other options available to the Texans are depressing, to say the least.

In Young’s case, Andy Dalton is a seasoned veteran with a lot of good, and not-so-good, NFL experience. While I’m more than positive that the rookie will be starting at this point in the season, Stroud will have played just about every snap thus far for the Texans.

This should be a good matchup as the future of the NFL will be on full display and potentially the league’s next Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady series will commence.