3 bold Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason predictions

It's an offseason of immense importance for the Carolina Panthers in 2024.

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers hire Bobby Slowik as head coach

It's no secret that the Carolina Panthers are enamored with the prospect of making Ben Johnson their next head coach. The Detroit Lions offensive coordinator is in high demand, so his upcoming virtual meeting with David Tepper once permitted at some stage this week will be a critical first part of the process.

The Panthers wanted Johnson last year. Once he decided to remain with the Lions, it left Tepper on the back foot. This scenario left Carolina settling for Frank Reich, who didn't have the juice needed to galvanize a struggling organization.

Tepper cannot be left short-handed during another hiring cycle. The consultancy firm brought in to help will have contingency plans in place. If it's not Johnson, then perhaps Bobby Slowik is the right man to lead this franchise into another new era.

Slowik doesn't have much in the way of experience. But the work he's accomplished with the Houston Texans this season is nothing short of extraordinary. His masterclass during their wildcard triumph over the Cleveland Browns only raised the coach's stock further.

He is the latest to come off the Mike Shanahan coaching tree conveyor belt. Slowik's ability to turn C.J. Stroud into one of the league's best quarterbacks as a rookie is something the Panthers could use for Bryce Young. It's a gamble considering he's got one year as a coordinator under his belt, but the rewards would be substantial if everything came together.