3 bold Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason predictions

It's an offseason of immense importance for the Carolina Panthers in 2024.

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers tag and trade Brian Burns

Everything on the playing side is up in the air right now. Until a new general manager and head coach are hired by David Tepper and his brain trust, there's just no telling for sure what the plan of attack is with so many questions surrounding the league's worst team.

One of the biggest talking points centers on edge rusher Brian Burns. The Carolina Panthers have mismanaged the situation regarding his new deal terribly. His demeanor went from enthusiastic to demoralized as the campaign went on. The former first-round pick freely admitted playing to avoid injury with no long-term financial security attained.

Burns stated recently that he's preparing for every eventuality. The Panthers aren't going to let him walk for nothing in free agency - that's out of the question. He'll get the franchise tag, but what comes after that is less certain.

If the new regime cannot work out a lucrative contract extension with Burns, nothing is off the table. A tag and trade situation cannot be completely dismissed. In this scenario, there would likely be significant interest in one of the league's brightest young pass-rushers entering their prime.

This would be another example of the Panthers letting premier talent leave the franchise after a situation that could have been easily avoided. Hopefully, it won't be the case and Burns can remain a core foundational piece for future success. But don't be surprised if he's moved on, either.