3 bold trades Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan should consider in 2024

The Carolina Panthers need help. And they need it now.

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers could trade for Mike Williams

One of the biggest objectives for the Carolina Panthers this offseason is surrounding Bryce Young with better options in the passing game. Adam Thielen aside, it was an anonymous contribution from others at the skill positions. Couple this with the torrid protection from the offensive line, and it's not hard to see why the signal-caller failed to meet expectations.

Young deserves better. The Panthers also need to maximize their substantial investment in the player. They can ill afford the former Alabama star becoming one of the worst No. 1 picks in NFL history. He's got too much talent for that.

Going down the draft route should be considered. There could be some intriguing free agents available if the price is right. General manager Dan Morgan might also decide to swing for the fences with a veteran via trade.

Someone like Mike Williams would be an immediate upgrade on anything Carolina has in its wide receiver room currently. Much will depend on how the player's recovery from an ACL tear is going, but he could be available at a decent price considering the financial complications currently enveloping the Los Angeles Chargers.

Williams has the size and explosiveness to be a matchup nightmare at all three levels of the field. He is one of the league's best in contested catch situations. The former first-round pick out of Clemson also represents a premier red-zone target for good measure.

If the medical tests check out, this wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. Williams might also be the most expendable Chargers player in pursuit of easing their salary-cap burden.