3 Carolina Panthers already benefitting from Dave Canales' presence

Dave Canales
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Dave Canales wasted no time stamping his mark on the Carolina Panthers. The head coach is drawing comparisons to his mentor Pete Carroll thanks to an enthusiastic approach and boundless positivity daily. Whether he achieves similar success remains to be seen, but one cannot be anything other than impressed by the way he's come across so far.

Canales knows there is a big job ahead of him. He also believes the Panthers can surprise a few people next season if everyone comes together. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator moves with purpose and his methods resonate with the modern-day NFL player. That doesn't guarantee success, but it's a good place to start.

Fixing the fundamentals and doing the little things right has been the primary focus of Canales' early time on the practice field. Cutting out mental errors and being more efficient is the best way to improve the football product. There's a long way to go, but the new coaching regime has been a breath of fresh air so far.

With this in mind, here are three Panthers players already benefitting from Canales' presence.

Chuba Hubbard - Carolina Panthers RB

Dave Canales has made no secret of his offensive philosophy. The Carolina Panthers are going to run the ball stubbornly. They're going to be physical and take the game to their opponents on the ground. This can hopefully make them more effective at controlling the clock and working in run-pass options to the team's concepts.

This is good news for Chuba Hubbard. The former fourth-round selection took another leap forward last season after Miles Sanders went to injured reserve. Carolina has an abundance of options in the running back room - including second-round pick Jonathon Brooks - but the Oklahoma State product stands to benefit greatly from Canales' approach in 2024.

Hubbard needs to impress in a contract year. But if Canales goes through with his intentions and continues to progress the player's undeniable talent, another career year might be in the offing.