3 Carolina Panthers who could be traded next after veteran departures

Could more trades be on the horizon?

Adam Thielen
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Adam Thielen - Carolina Panthers WR

Diontae Johnson's arrival via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers comes with significant intrigue attached. The wide receiver's ability to create separation and exceptional route tree represents an instant upgrade on anything the Carolina Panthers have right now. Considering it cost nothing more than cornerback Donte Jackson and swapping a sixth-round pick for a seventh, it's a low-risk addition with high-end upside.

More additions will be coming to the wide receiver room, that's for sure. What this means for Adam Thielen's future remains to be seen. but a situation could emerge where the Panthers and the veteran wideout opt to go their separate ways after just one season.

Thielen came to the Panthers after spurning advances from teams with bigger aspirations. He was sold dreams of playoff contention and got a two-win campaign. The former undrafted free agent out of Minnesota State didn't seem eager to stick around during his exit interview with the media. Keeping players around who aren't fully bought in is not an option.

The Panthers might look to deal Thielen to a contender if there is sufficient interest. He performed extremely well last season after being tasked with far more targets than he probably envisaged. Whether teams come calling given how deep this draft class appears remains to be seen.