3 Carolina Panthers head coach candidates with soaring stock after Dan Morgan hire

Could one of these head coaches be the guy?

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers could hire Dave Canales

Dave Canales and Dan Morgan built a close bond working together on the Seattle Seahawks. They were both up and coming in their respective fields at the time. Now, there is real momentum building about the prospect of the two linking up in prominent leadership positions.

Canales is from the Pete Carroll coaching tree. The recently fired head coach speaks very highly of his credentials as an offensive guru and evolving leader. He's done exceptional work as Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator, molding a scheme around quarterback Baker Mayfield's strengths and galvanizing the player's career when all hope seemed lost.

One can also credit a lot of Geno Smith's resurgence to Canales' coaching methods. He's only got one year of offensive play-calling experience, so whether this is too soon is a topic for debate.

No other franchise has looked in Canales' direction during this cycle. The Carolina Panthers are the only team to show legitimate interest in making him their head coach. According to multiple reports - some with close association with the team - he is emerging as a potential frontrunner depending on what unfolds during his second interview.

If they went with Canales, his previous connection with Morgan could enable the pair to hit the ground running. The benefits of this are obvious given this offseason's importance. Still, all the hype to lead to this duo as the Panthers kick-start another new era under David Tepper could be seen as underwhelming for many sections of Carolina's long-suffering fanbase.