3 Carolina Panthers players showing signs of life under Dave Canales

Dave Canales
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Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

Almost every major move from the Carolina Panthers this offseason was done with one primary goal in mind. They had to make quarterback Bryce Young's life easier and get a proper evaluation of his capabilities in 2024.

Much was made of Young's rookie struggles. Most are giving it the correct context after deep-diving into the toxic environment around the signal-caller last season. Others didn't offer the same courtesy, writing the player off entirely without acknowledging the mitigating circumstances surrounding his initial failure.

Young could have performed better on occasion, that's not up for debate. But the Panthers are not giving up on him just yet. They remain supremely confident he's got the tools capable of becoming a franchise-altering quarterback. He just needs better direction and a supporting cast capable of meeting specific targets.

That's where Dave Canales comes in. The new head coach is an accomplished quarterback developer. He's enjoyed phenomenal success with the likes of Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, and Baker Mayfield throughout his rise to the top. He took the job based on his unrelenting confidence in Young's ability to surge forward under his guidance.

The early signs are promising. Young and Canales' blossoming relationship was evident throughout offseason workouts. The fundamentals are being improved and there's a scheme fitted to suit his strengths. Couple this with the outstanding additions made to the playing personnel, it's not hard to see why hopes are growing.

Young knows the high stakes attached to his progress in 2024. He's got a cool, calm demeanor matched by a fierce inner drive to silence his doubters. That's the exact mindset that Canales is convinced can lead the Panthers back to the promised land.

The Heisman Trophy winner cannot do it alone. Young needs help, but Canales has progressive thinking and established a stronger environment to ensure strides can be made next season and beyond.