3 challenges facing the Carolina Panthers during latest head coaching search

Numerous things loom over the Carolina Panthers, including the search for a new head coach...
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Carolina Panthers offensive talent

It is no secret what the weakness is of the current Carolina Panthers squad. The offensive side of the ball has been poor, to put it bluntly.

Without many resources in draft capital and salary-cap space to improve the roster, many of the current starters are likely to play again next season. That is a depressing thought.

The only true core members of the offense currently are Bryce Young, Chuba Hubbard, Adam Thielen, and Taylor Moton. The other players on that side of the ball have either massively underperformed or are not good enough to be impactful pieces.

To be fair to the players, Frank Reich's offense was dysfunctional. It is hard to imagine many finding success.

Next season's offense will be a lot better under a new coach, or so we hope. But at the same time, the Panthers have one of the worst supporting casts in the NFL when comparing it to the rest of the league.

Being able to build around Young as a franchise quarterback is a big positive for attracting candidates to accept the head coaching position if offered. However, the lack of a top 3-5 pick and real cap space will handcuff the new hire's success until 2025 at the earliest.

Whoever takes on Carolina's head coaching job will have their work cut out for them. And again, other potential openings have more talent to work with.