3 challenges facing the Carolina Panthers during latest head coaching search

Numerous things loom over the Carolina Panthers, including the search for a new head coach...
David Tepper
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David Tepper's involvement

The David Tepper elephant in the room looms large over the Carolina Panthers. His presence and current history as owner will bring a lot of turbulence and pressure on whoever accepts the head coaching job opening.

Since he bought the team, Tepper owns the second-worst record in the NFL and the third-worst record in all of U.S. professional sports. His heavy-handed approach creates problems up and down football operations.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Tepper wants the team to succeed. But the fact of the matter is his presence along with suspect football input suffocates how things are run.

Owners should have an opinion on how their team is run and built. However, there needs to be a balance of how directly their input affects the decision-making process for the front office and coaching staff.

The future head coach will have to deal with micromanaging and constant pressure to succeed from Carolina's ownership.

From requesting plays to be run to showing up to multiple practices to watch specific drills, the new head coach can expect a lot of opinions from Tepper. That will turn off several coaching candidates from considering the Panthers if they have options elsewhere.

Tepper has endured a rocky start as an NFL owner. Things won't get any better unless he allows the people he hired as coaches and in the front office some breathing room to operate.

Until that day comes, Carolina will be stuck in football hell. No matter who they hire as their newest head coach.