3 changes Thomas Brown should make to Carolina Panthers offense in Week 8

A new era dawns for the Carolina Panthers offense...

Thomas Brown
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Carolina Panthers should increase motion/misdirection

It didn't take an NFL play-calling historian or an analytics expert to decipher what the Carolina Panthers were doing offensively when Frank Reich called the shots. Once the scripted plays came to an end, opposing defenses didn't take long to figure things out and drives stalled accordingly more often than not.

Thomas Brown freely admitted that it'll be difficult to implement vast changes in the relatively short timeframe attached. However, one would be shocked if some modern concepts didn't come to the fore in keeping with the current trend around the league.

The first thing that should be considered is deploying pre-snap motions and misdirections with extra frequency. This is a core component behind Sean McVay's system with the Los Angeles Rams, which has proven results when it comes to creating mismatches and scheming players open.

Considering how difficult every pass-catcher on the Panthers not named Adam Thielen is finding it currently, this would be highly beneficial. It'll take some work in a short space of time and quarterback Bryce Young needs to find the right read, but this could work if everyone gets on the same page.

The likes of Tommy Tremble, Jonathan Mingo, D.J. Chark, and even Miles Sanders have the ability to generate yards after the catch if afforded enough space. It's scheming up these holes that's been the biggest issue - something Brown might be able to solve.