3 changes Thomas Brown should make to Carolina Panthers offense in Week 8

A new era dawns for the Carolina Panthers offense...
Thomas Brown
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Carolina Panthers must increase offensive tempo

Another problem that held the Carolina Panthers back under Frank Reich centered on the tempo side of things. Calls were not coming in quickly enough, Bryce Young got his offensive players to the line of scrimmage slowly, and the offense looked disjointed as a result.

When the Panthers and Young ran up-tempo or no-huddle offenses depending on the situation, it looked pretty fluid overall. This is something Thomas Brown should consider deploying whether they are facing a deficit or not.

Let Young do what he does best - read defenses, process information quickly, and deliver the football with supreme accuracy. Again, this would also take some strain off the offensive line with defenses having little time to make substitutions.

Nobody is expecting Brown's offense to be revolutionary. But one only has to look at how much success Sean McVay and Kevin O'Connell are having schematically to see what the Panthers could install despite the short window before Week 8.

As previously stated, the Houston Texans have a decent young defense. They aren't giving up many points, but they aren't the 1985 Chicago Bears by any stretch and if Brown can somehow generate some early momentum, Carolina has a good chance to break their duck.

Brown has some lofty expectations on his shoulders. At the very least, this offense should start playing to the strengths of individuals capable of making things happen, which seems to be an up-tempo ethos based on what we've seen over the opening six games.