3 critical matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers vs. Colts in Week 9

Time to start building momentum...

C.J. Henderson
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What crucial matchups will decide the Carolina Panthers' upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 9?

It was entirely unexpected, but the Carolina Panthers finally did the unthinkable.

Being able to write one of these articles after a win for once this season is such a great feeling. Even with all of the issues on this team and all of the pain that the fanbase has endured in recent memory, this one feels good.

Are there still issues? Yes. Does this win still feel amazing? Also yes.

There is finally a reason for Panthers fans to be excited again. A reason to have hope.

Things have finally turned somewhat and there seems to be momentum heading in the right direction. But the team needs to be careful and continue to scratch and fight like this win didn't happen, lest they lose their determination and become complacent.

Ride the high, celebrate the victory, then get right back to the hard work that brought that first victory to Carolina. Add another to the collection. This will be a tall task against a scrappy Indianapolis Colts squad coming off a hard loss.

But what matchups deserve some extra scrutiny when the Panthers go for a streak against the Colts on Sunday?