3 critical observations from Bryce Young at early offseason workouts in 2023

How did new Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young fare?

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young is ticking every box

Everyone was looking for Bryce Young to put the Carolina Panthers on his back right out of the gate. A lot to ask of a 21-year-old with no NFL experience whatsoever, but it's a test the quarterback has passed with flying colors so far.

Young has set the tone by being the first out to practice every single day. His meticulous preparation allowed the Heisman Trophy winner to take immediate command of the huddle, develop a comprehensive knowledge of the playbook, and deliver the football with supreme conviction consistently.

The Panthers have a gem in Young. His poise, identifying even the tightest throwing lanes, and thriving in red-zone situations came across in the biggest possible way over workouts - something that can hopefully continue into Carolina's training camp and when competitive games begin.

Don't like the polite demeanor fool you, either. Young knows exactly how good he is and has a killer mentality on the field, showing no mercy on opposing defenses by deciphering their coverage in rapid fashion and almost always making the correct read.

Again, there will be tougher tests to come - especially when Sauce Gardner and the New York Jets visit Spartanburg for joint practices. But it's hard to find any flaws in Young's production and the way he's carried himself throughout practices so far.

If this continues, the Panthers might have hit the jackpot at football's most important position.