3 crucial elements Hayden Hurst brings to the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Hayden Hurst
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Hayden Hurst has best hands on Carolina Panthers roster currently

Hayden Hust is absolutely tremendous with the ball in his hands after the catch. Imagine a Ford Bronco, but with better hair and a beard. He will see the defender in front of him, line him up, and then run right through them or bumper-car off of an attempted tackle.

But his physicality isn’t Hurst’s only calling card. The sixth-year pro has security blanket hands, evidenced by only being responsible for six drops out of 249 targets, resulting in his 2.4 percent career dropped passes-per-target rate.

Reliable hands are a young quarterback’s best friend. If the Carolina Panthers coaching staff puts this new signal-caller in the best position to succeed, it’s imperative that he’s surrounded by teammates that will provide the same support.

In the three postseason games last season for the Cincinnati Bengals, Hurst reeled in 13 of 17 targets for 141 receiving yards and a trip to the painted grass. Seeing an average of five-plus targets per game for good measure.

Hurst established himself as a reliable option when the lights are brightest. That should be a welcomed sight for Panthers fans, considering we all have expectations to be competitive, and ultimately contend in the playoffs sooner rather than later.