3 crucial matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Dolphins in Week 6

A daunting task awaits...

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Carolina Panthers CB D'Shawn Jamison vs. Tyreek Hill

Everyone knows how fast Tyreek Hill is, which is exactly what the Miami Dolphins offensive playbook is based on. What this means is there needs to be someone out there who can at least approach that level of freak athleticism.

With Donte Jackson set to return and C.J. Henderson not exactly being the best guy to cover a dynamic threat such as Hill. A situation could emerge where D'Shawn Jamison goes up against the league's most electrifying threat.

Jamison is a player who was consistently tasked with following deep routes stride for stride against some of the top receivers in the college ranks and held his own rather well. The NFL is a different beast altogether, but everyone has to learn at some point and the rookie corner might be the best bet the Carolina Panthers have on defense depending on Jackson's health.

He is a competitor - playing with a fire that never quits and an attitude to match. Mixed with Hill, this could be another one of those classic pairings that gets all the pundits talking through the week.

Realistically though, Jamison will struggle against Hill. However, it will give the team and fanbase a good look at just what the the defensive back can do against the NFL's best - that is more valuable than a win at this point.

Besides, wouldn't it be fun if Jamison had a great day? Keep an eye out for this matchup, because it has the chance for some real fireworks.